T9CE is a T9 alike text input method that you can usually find on you cell phone for WinCE/Pocket PC PDA.

By drawing 9 large buttons on the screen, it's easy for human fingers to click, no need to use pen. So you can 'type' with two hands. By matching what you are typing with the integrated word library, it needs few strokes to input a word.

I develop the first version with Microsoft embedded Visual C++ and it works well on my WinCE 2.11 PDA now. I just feel like to open it to other developers to build on later models and enhance the function.


The “the quick” area is the editing text. When you click 'OK' button, the text will be copied into clipboard.

The “brown” line is the typing word. The characters before the underline is the keys you have typed.

'<' is Back Space key. ']' is enter key. When you are typing a word, it's also the word select function key to append the current typing word to the text area. 'space' button is space bar. When you are typing a word before press ']' to select it, 'space' key searches the next matching word, or the '.' key that is on the left to the 'space' key searches matching words backward.

Other buttons work like what they look.

What can you do:

If you happen to have the same old model of PDA like mine, WinCE 2.11 MIPS, you can find a executable file in the download package. Just copy it to your PDA and execute it directly. You can download the all-in-one package from sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/t9ce/,or get the source code via CVS as other sourceforge projects.

If not, you can compile it for your model, or adjust the layout of the buttons to fit your PDA screen or hands size, or add new features to it. If so, please send me a copy, so i can share it here. It's GPLed as you can see in the source code.

Any questions, drop me a line: Wei Lu wlu@21cn.com.



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