User Manual

Copyright (c) Wei Lu, 2005. All rights reserved.



The main screen lists currently discovered devices (mobile phone, server, etc.). Icon with blue wave means online devices, gray icon gives offline devices. "WirelessToolkit" is the bluetooth user friendly name of remote user's phone setting. The digitals after "@" is globally unique bluetooth device address.

Menu "select" goes to 1.1, "Menu" goes to 1.2.



This screen shows overall information of selected device, number of messages ever received from, number of blogs (articles, diary, memo, etc.) shared by the remote user, etc.

Menu "Blog" goes to 2.1, "Menu" goes to 2.2.


Menu "MyBlog" to author your own blogs in 2.3.

Menu "SysInfo" shows runtime information for debug. "Exit" to exit the program.


Select interested blog titles ('3','log1','log2' as above) and menu "View" to 3.1. "Back" to 1.1.


With an online user, instant message chat can be performed by menu "Message" to 3.2.

Menu "Delete" will remove all history chat messages received from this user and remove the device item from the list on 0. Menu "Back" goes to 1.1.


This screen lists your all blogs. All of them will be seen by other users in this version. Scroll to the title ('3','log1','log2' as above) and menu "Edit" to modify existing blog as in 3.3.

Menu "Menu" to see other options in 3.4.


Full content of selected blogs are show under the titles.

You can repeat selecting title and viewing. Menu "back" to 1.1.


Text chat by typing message and menu "Send". "Cancel" to return to 2.2.


Last modification time is shown on top of the screen. Title and body can be edited and "Save". In future version, picture, video and other multimedia content can be attached too.

If the title is changed, a new blog with changed title is created. A blog is only identified by title.


Menu "New" to create new blog as in 4.1.

 "Back" returns to 1.2.


"Delete" to remove selected blog.



This is the screen to create a new blog. If Title leaves empty, new blog will not be saved.